Check Your eChallan Online (Electronic Challan)

echallan means electronic challan which you can pay online anytime (24×7) no matter it is working day or Sunday (holiday). This is the advantage of eChallan, you can pay it via different payment methods like Debit/Credit Card, PayTM, uPI etc.

Check Your eChallan Online (Electronic Challan)
Check Your eChallan Online (Electronic Challan)

Sometimes Unknowingly or some time in hurry we brake traffic rules. These mistakes take place especially when we get late to go to our work, this is the reason of challan.

The RTO has increased the amount of traffic challan very high. In the other hand government started this challan paying process online, by starting its online challan portal it’s call E-Challan.

Today i will tell you the amounts of E-Challan & how to pay online.

The Process Of Paying eChallan

Open any browser you like and type echallan.parivahan.gov.in. you can see 3 options their challan no, vehicle no, and DL no.

If you are already challan by traffic police then definitely you have a challan receipt and it has a challan no, type this challan no here & fill captcha then click on get details.

How To Check your E-Challan

The second option is Vehicle no. if you don’t know you have a challan on your vehicle just type your vehicle no and fill last five digits of your chassis no or engine no and fill captcha then you will get know the details.

How To Check your E-Challan | Pay Online
How To Check your E-Challan

The third option is search challan by the help of your DL number if you don’t have any receipt, and challan made by your driving license then type your DL no and you can see the option of payment.

The List Of RTO fines /Challans

Driving opposite to the flow of trafficRs. 1000
Buying articles from vendors at intersectionRs. 100
Smoking inside the vehicleRs.100
Honking in “No honking zone”Rs.100
Use of coloured light in motor vehicleRs.100
Excessive smoke emissionRs.100
Use of tinted glassRs.100
Dysfunctional viperRs.100
Use of DVD screenRs.100
Not using light after sunsetRs.100
Using high beamRs.100
Breaking traffic signalRs.100
Violating road signsRs.100
No horn in-vehicleRs.100
Improper parking of vehicleRs.100
Triple ridingRs.100
Not using helmetsRs.100
Not wearing seat beltsRs.100
Defective number plateRs.100
Not possessing valid licenseRs.500
Driving of vehicles by unauthorized personRs.1000
Driving unregistered vehicleRs.5000
Driving a vehicle without a permitTo court
Driving a vehicle without insuranceTo court
Drag racingRs.500
Causing noise pollutionRs.1000
Driving above the permitted speed limitRs.400
Driving under the influence of alcoholTo court
Use of phone while drivingRs.1000
How To Check your E-Challan | Pay Online

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