Creta Hyundai 2021 | Should I Buy This

Hyundai Creta 2021

Hyundai Creta first launched in 21-july-2015 Now Hyundai creta has its own identity in the Indian market. Creta helped to increase the overall sale of Hyundai vehicles.

Hyundai had launched its first Creta model at ₹8.9 lakh. There are a total 17 variants are available, Hyundai made many changes in it, since it was launched.

Hyundai is all set to launch its all new Hyundai Creta 2021 variant.

If you are reading this post. You may be planning to buy a new Hyundai Creta 2021 or you are interested in collecting information about automotive.

Let’s know features and details about Hyundai’s latest model Creta 2021.

New Creta Design

Hyundai new creta design is a very well-built car which requires no aftermarket modifications other than alloy wheels and tyres. Company offers 16″ steel Rims and 205/65 profile tires in E and E+ Variant.

The 16″ of Alloys this car provides 190 mm of ground clearance, which is similar to a big SUVs. This mini SUV has compact size, all premium features & rugged design.

Creta Hyundai 2021
Image Source – Hyundai.com

Powerful Engine & Prices

Hyundai Creta 2021 has been made for Off-Reading as well as city Drive for both conditions. This is why the company gives a 1.5-litre diesel engine & 1.4-litre, 1.5-litre petrol engine options which gives a great output power for Off-Reading and decent mileage, economic drive in the city.

The prices of petrol engine, E variant starts at ₹ 10.16 lakh, Ex model at ₹ 11.12 lakh, s Variant at ₹ 12.35 lakh, SX variant at ₹ 14.13 lakh, SX Executive variant at ₹ 13.34 lakh, SX IVT at ₹ 15.61 lakh, SX turbo & SX turbo Dual-tone at ₹ 16.83 lakh (Ex-showroom).

Creta 2021 On Road Price

E variant starts at ₹ 11.86 lakh, EX model at ₹ 12.96 lakh, S Variant at ₹ 14.36 lakh, SX variant at ₹ 16.38 lakh, SX Executive variant at ₹ 15.48 lakh, SX CVT at ₹ 18.07 lakh, SX turbo & SX turbo Dual-tone at ₹ 19.46 lakh.

Diesel Variants prices are as E variant starts at ₹ 12.66 lakh, EX model at ₹ 14.30 lakh, S Variant at ₹ 15.79 lakh, SX variant at ₹ 17.85 lakh, SX Executive variant at ₹ 16.94 lakh, SX (O) at ₹ 19.34 lakh, SX (O) 1.5 Diesel Automatic ₹ 20.99 lakh.

It has 4 cylinder 4 valves engine which produces 138 bhp of power @6000rpm. Range of its mileage is 17 kmpl to 21.5 kmpl it depends on the variant.

Company claims 17-18kmpl of mileage in Petrol engine & 21.5kmpl mileage in Diesel engine. The price of Diesel engine is as follows: E variant starts at ₹10.63 lakh & top model SX opt at ₹17.78 lakh.

Creta Interior 2021

Creta Hyundai 2021
Image Source – Hyundai.com

Creta is a starting premium model of Hyundai India, Hyundai offers premium features with the SUV rugged design. It has Dual-tone dashboard and basic features such; as air conditioner, power steering, Anti-Lock Braking System, driver & passenger airbags. wheel caps, projector headlamps, Auto climate control, EBD, seat-belt reminder etc. 

Also if we talk about its exterior, Hyundai may have designed this product with maximum dedication. As it is one of Hyundai’s best designs at this price range with muscular & bold looks.

The design of the Hyundai Creta is an attention seeker, it has LED headlights, roof rails, panoramic sunroof available in some variants, 10 inch touch screen infotainment system, air purifier and multi traction mode such features. 

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