“Best Electric Vehicles In India | Features, Mileage”

Best Electric Cars In India 2021
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Best Electric Vehicles In India

The price of oil in India has increased high. Even people having a car they are unable to use it because of high prices of petrol. Some companies have already launched their electric vehicles in the market and some are planning to launch today we will talk about the Best electric cars in india

These cars are Great substitute of an petrol cars. so without wasting time, let’s talk about such companies whose electric vehicles have already come in the market and customers are also liking them.

Best Electric Cars In India | Nexon EV from Tata Motors

Best Electric Cars In India 2021: Tata’s electric cars also have the same strength and power as it’s petrol & diesel variants, many customers say about it’s Great performance. Performance of this EV is enough to attract their customers. Nexon EV is even faster then some other petrol cars. It has high torque of 245nm.

Tata Nexon EV is becoming the first choice of customers, Prices are starts from ₹14 – 17 lakhs. This Nexon EV gives you an average of 319 Km in 60 Minutes of charging. It has 350 liters of boot space. This would be the best Best Electric Car option yet. In this Car you get features like

  • Power windows
  • Air conditioner
  • Anti lock breaking system
  • Driver & passenger airbags
  • Automatic climate control
  • Front fog lamps

Strom Motors R3

This car is made in India gives mileage of 200 km in a single charged. Its weight is 550 kg, it is a 3 wheeler with space for 2 people. Top speed is 80 kms. its prices starts from ₹4.50 lakhs and will be available very soon on road.

Best Electric Cars In India 2021
Image Source – Google | Image by – strommotors.com

Mahindra’s E-Verito

Mahindra Verito EV is also in the market for a long time, whose price is between ₹10-11 lakhs. Charging time of 11.30 hours (100% charge) and 2 hours of fast charging. Gives driving range of 110 km on a full charge.

Best Electric Cars In India 2021
Image Source – Google | Image by – Indiatoday

Tata Motors’s Tigor EV

Tata Motors’s Tigor EV is also a good option like Nexon EV features, you will get a music system from the company which is from Harman . Front power windows, ABS, Air conditioner. It has 2 air bags for safety, driver and passenger side & Automatic climate control. Prices starts from  Rs 9.44 to 9.76 lakh. The charging time of car is 2 hours (fast charging) give you a mileage of 213 Km. Top speed is 80 km.

Best Electric Cars In India 2021
Image Source – Google | Image by – Autoportal.com

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