How Does Car AC Work | With Detailed Information

How Does Car AC Work
How Does Car AC Work

How Does Car AC Work

A big role to Cooling your cabin is Refrigerant it is also called AC gas in common language. But How Does Car AC Work? Your AC cools with the help of a Refrigerant this liquid & Gas both state refrigerant plays the big role to cool.

The biggest feature of this Gas (refrigerant) is, it has a very low boiling point which is around -26.3°C.

The most commonly used gas in a Air-Conditioning systems of a car is R134a, most of the car’s AC manufacturers use this Refrigerant in their products.

This is a highly evaporated gas, that feature makes it different and suitable to work in Air-conditioning. Now let’s know the full process & .


This Refrigerant changes its form when it works, it changes from gas to liquid and liquid to gas and this function repeats continuously.

This liquid absorbs the cabin heat with the help of a fellow mechanism and drops that heat to outside the cabin. So this is the role of Refrigerants.

Now let’s talk about the whole process of air-conditioning. The Refrigerant is first processed by the compressor, then compressor highly pressurized this liquid and pushes towards the condenser to change its form Gas to a liquid. 


This Refrigerant goes to the dryer and the dryer absorbs all the moisture from this Refrigerant. So that this Cannot contaminate.

This pressurized liquid (Refrigerant) goes to the expansion valve From the dryer. Expansion valve drops the pressure of highly pressurized liquid into a low pressure, also expands the liquid.

After the liquid expands it becomes very cool. Expansion valve push this liquid towards the evaporator fins, this liquid absorbed the heat of the cabin and converted from liquid into Gas.

After converting liquid into Gas, it cools the Condenser. This condenser also called the cooling coil, a blower blows air through the evaporator which is mounted behind the evaporator.

This gas goes to the compressor and the same process repeats again. This is how the car ac works & its Function.

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