Wheel Alignment vs Balancing | How Important

Wheel Alignment vs Balancing : All four Wheeler after having been driven for a certain distance, are supposed to undergo a wheel alignment & What will happen to your car if you don’t do it? Let’s understand. 

At first glance the wheels of a vehicle look as if they are perfectly straight and vertical. And this arrangement seems logical.

Wheel Alignment vs Balancing | How Important
wheel balancing

What Is Camber Angle

The surprising thing is that, to improve vehicle performance, each manufacturer specifies some predefined angles to the wheels of their cars to improve tire balance & safety.

In these exaggerated visuals, these Angles are pretty clear.


What Is Camber Angle
What Is Camber Angle

We can see that there are basically three different angles associated with the wheels. also an alignment car performs a good performance in high speed.

Let’s first know about the importance of the camber angle. The camber angle is clearly visible when viewed from the front of the car.

What is wheel alignment and balancing
Positive & Negative Camber Angle

This angle can be either positive or negative. A negative camber improves the cornering performance of the car.

To understand how negative camber improves cornering performance, first let us analyze how a car corners, with a zero camber angle.

A centripetal force is required for the car to corner. This centripetal force comes from the frictional force between the tire and the road.

The outer wheels will have higher frictional force compared to the inner wheels. Each car will have an optimum of wheel angles decided by the car manufacturer.

These angles may undergo considerable variations over time, resulting in excessive tire wear.

A routine wheel alignment operation is imperative for a car’s good performance as well since these angles are quite sensitive in deciding the cars straight line stability, steering wheel return ability, and cornering capability.

What Is Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing (also known as tire balancing) and why it is done. A wheel balancing is a balanced wheel which has equal weight from center of the wheel.

If weight is not equal in all parts, the wheel will vibrate at a higher speed and also shake the whole car. Because of this, your tire and suspension can be damaged in a very short time.

Any rim weather it is a new its little imbalance and when it rotates in a high speed a very little imbalance force outside to outer side, which becomes a very huge imbalance weight.

You can only feel these vibrations at high speed only, which is around 80-100km. You can’t feel it at lower speed.

How To Know Your Wheel Need To Be Balanced

When your car vibrates and the steering also vibrates at high speed. This is the sign of improper balancing.

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